Face to Face Coaching

Individual coaching

For the golfer looking for the maximum attention and focus on their putting game

Come and work with me personally!

“One to one” coaching is designed for golfers of all abilities and tailored to your specific needs.

The first session is always a 2 hour initial assessment using the following structure:

1. Sit down discussion and set objectives 

2. Observation and date capture 

  • High speed video capture using specilaist GASP Lab 5 coaching software
  • SAM Puttlab Analysis (measuring putter)
  • All data collected on straight and breaking putts

3. Analysis and presentation of personal coaching and practice programme

  • Development of blue print for future training
  • Working through proposed changes
  • Provision of feedback to direct learning
  • Advice on putter fitting / ideal putter specification
  • Practice structure, routines and training aids

Trust the PROCESS

Read it

Use your feet to estimate the amount of slope in your putt.

Role it

Start the putt at your AimPoint and hit it at the correct speed.

Hole it

Then all you have to do is watch it go in.

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