Group Coaching

Group Coaching

for the golfer who wants a group learning environment on all aspects of putting over a 8 week period

Guaranteed to improve your putting

I have a 8 stage putting program that I guarantee will improve your putting. In fact I’m so confident I am offering you all of your money back if your putting doesn’t improve. 

It will be limited to 5 golfers who really want to make putting a strength of their game.

What will the 8 weeks include:

Lesson 1 – Putting assessment and Green Reading fundamentals 
Lesson 2 – Starting the ball on line
Lesson 3 – Distance Control – Judging uphill / downhill slopes 
Lesson 4 – The 3 mental boxes – Think, Play and memory 
Lesson 5 – Green Reading – Targeting strategies 
Lesson 6 – Start line – Set up fundamentals 
Lesson 7 – Distance Control – Balance and Strike 
Lesson 8 – Process implemented, pre round warm up and self assessment


Trust the PROCESS

Read it

Use your feet to estimate the amount of slope in your putt.

Roll it

Start the putt at your AimPoint and hit it at the correct speed.

Hole it

Then all you have to do is watch it go in.

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