"Working with Oli has been an absolute pleasure, his positive attitude and enthusiasm is contagious. Oli’s innovative coaching techniques and willingness to develop systems that work on an individual level is exceptional and he has transferred my putting performance. Top class coach"
Emily Toy
2019 Amateur Champion
"Oli has really helped improve my putting since returning from the US. His expertise with Aim Point and stroke analysis have been hugely beneficial to me over the last few years."​
"I really enjoyed this Summer of putting lessons with Oli.My putting has improved immensely and playing is again a great pleasure. Oli is a superb teacher who explains himself in plain words and does not complicate practice drills. To any doubters out there, I know 'Aimpoint' putting method works
16 handicap
Quite simply Aimpoint Express has changed the way I putt and the way I think about putting for life. I can’t imagine ever going back to my old methods and you couldn’t ask for a better instructor than Oli. He is very friendly, extremely knowledgable and had all the time in the world for you even after the initial lesson. When your friends start asking you to read their putts for them on every hole you know you must be doing something right” ​
2 handicap
I have been playing golf for some 50 years and during that time I have had coaching sessions in many different parts of the UK and overseas. I have never found any professional with a more dedicated approach than Oli. He often has a different approach, but always seems to come up with a method that works! His greatest love, is in the area of the putting green and here he reigns supreme.”
18 handicap
Ive never been happy with my green reading competence for many years. Oli has really opened my eyes to a new skill, that has really made a huge difference in clarity of green reading for me and improved my understanding in real practice.
Nick Day
Amateur Golfer
I first started having putting lessons with Oli in 2012 and it has improved my putting game immensely, through his careful eye and Sam Putt Lab machine he spotted straight away where I needed to improve and gave me fun drills to better my stroke . He has continuously helped me to improve over the years and my putting game wouldn’t be where it is now without him.​
Club Champion
I first met Oli when I was 13, he was the first professional I met and introduced me into golf, if it wasn’t for Oli I most definitely wouldn’t be where I am now with my golf, in the space of 8 years he’s helped me massively with my putting making it my strength of my golf game, his level of knowledge is crazy he taught me aimpoint which has helped me massively when struggling on putts that I’m unsure of the break and also using the Sam putt in lessons to iron out anything that’s causing me problems, I can’t thank Oli enough for what he has helped me with so far and I’ll always continue to keep working with him!​
Amateur Golfer

Trust the PROCESS

Read it

Use your feet to estimate the amount of slope in your putt.

Roll it

Start the putt at your AimPoint and hit it at the correct speed.

Hole it

Then all you have to do is watch it go in.

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